We will serve any paper or any legal document to anywhere in Southern California. We will provide the original proof of service regarding the status of completion of your assignment.

Here at Turbo Messenger and Attorney Service, we have been guiding individuals and companies alike with preparing filing and serving the Plaintiff’s Claim Action. Our skilled staff specializes in preparing Small Claims documents. We can guide your documents through the entire Small Claims process, from preparing them to filing the proof of service once the documents have been served. Since our staff can complete most of the process. The only task left is attending the hearing and stating your evidence to the Judge.

Most Court filings received from our offices are delivered the SAME DAY. If you require the filing stamp to indicate that day’s date, please indicate such. Some court’s have a backlog of filings and will no longer backdate to the date the document was received.

We can help process documents through the county recorder including Fictitious Business Names Statements.

With the use of our sophisticated technology and imaging, we use the most robust databases in the industry to deliver everything you need.  You will no longer have to manage multiple vendors, reconcile and pay invoices for each, and track orders through various companies.

Registered & Bonded Process Servers

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